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CheckMyBus Compare all Busses

Разработчик FlixBus GmbH

CheckMyBus find and compare intercity buses directly from your phone or tablet!Regardless of where you are or where you’re planning to go, CheckMyBus offers an easy-to-use portal for finding affordable transportation for your long distance trips! From the palm of your hand you are able to compare prices, routes, bus companies, dates, times and even bus features - but best of all, the search engine is completely free of charge! Just like our website, the CheckMyBus app is straightforward and can be used by just about anyone. After clicking only a few simple buttons you are delivered with immediate results, making a spontaneous getaway easier than ever before.
Whether you’re planning on visiting friends or are just in dire need of a holiday, browse through the great deals shown on the CheckMyBus portal! We live in a world, where we’re always on the go. It seems there is never enough to take a trip – let alone plan one! That’s why the CheckMyBus app is so convenient – where ever you are a trip can be planned within seconds. Travelling no longer has to be complicated and those unbelievable travelling costs are, too, a thing of the past.
It’s this simple:
Select where from – where to – and when. Then pack your bags and get ready to hop on!
At a glance (and easily viewable from a smartphone screen) you will see:- A comparison of prices from the different bus providers for the selected date- Routes that the different bus companies use- Departure and arrival times- How long it takes to get from A to B- Convenient symbols with green and grey borders explaining the different features that the bus offers (like snacks, drinks or WiFi on board!)
All that’s left to do is to click on the button that takes you to the offer, book your ticket and enjoy the ride